Many members, especially new ones, may not realize the rich wealth of information available in this forum. In a message I wrote to Creggor just the other day, I mentioned that there are well over 3,000 messages here, including reviews and discussions of nearly every Bourbon, Tennessee, or Rye whiskey you've ever heard of. The Straightbourbon Discussion Panel is probably the single best source of live information available, but you have to search for it. The nature of our discussions (and our personalities) guarantee that the messages will wander all over the place and drift into topics often much different than what you might expect from the subject line. You'll have to read 'em all to really understand, but it's worth the effort.

One thing that you might not know, and which can make this all MUCH easier, is that the Straightbourbon online discussion software is quite customizable. In the menu at the top of the page, select <u>Edit Profile</u>. While you're there, fill in a few things about yourself, especially what part of the country (or world) you live in. Then scroll down the screen to where you can adjust your personal settings. You might want to try looking at the messages differently than the default. Here are the settings I use, in case that works well for you, too...

Default sort order: Descending Date
Default display mode: Flat Mode
Default view: Collapsed Threads
Total parent posts to show per page: I use 30; experiment for yourself
Post Format: I use Top; you can set them to be on the side instead if you like
Do you want the preview post screen off or on? Set to ON if you want to see what your message will look like before sending
How many columns would you like your TextArea's set at?
How many rows would you like your TextArea's set at?

These are for adjusting the window where you enter your message. I use 80/10

Increase or Decrease font size by how many points. NO MORE SQUINTING!!

You should also become friends with the <u>Search</u> item on the menu. This is where you get a list of all the messages that contain "Booker's", or everything that BOURBONV has posted. It's not the most comprehensive search engine in the world, but it sure is helpful. I do wish, though, that Jim could rig it so ALL FORUMS and ALL POSTS show up as the defaults instead of at the bottom of the lists.

Now if we could only get him to add a menu item that calls out for pizza....