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    The Pre Pro Graham Bros Distillery Rockford, Il

    A couple of years ago I posted on the Graham-Ginestra house in Rockford and the distilleries run by Freeman Graham and brothers. We never could quite locate the spot but I found an old Rockford business directory online that indicated it was located at 1310 S Main St Rockford, Il. Illinois's first sour mash whiskey distillery.


    "Distillery.—Freeman Graham, No. 1310 South Main street, East Rockford."

    Google maps shows two different locations depending on how you search:

    1310 S Main St, Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois 61102

    On the west bank of the Rock River....makes sense. Current location is an aviation company and across the river from Rockford's airport.

    The other...1310 s main st rockford, il....shows a downtown location and vacant lot with the foundation footprint of a large structure.


    I wonder if our Rockford SBers know which location is correct and if the Rock River spot has any remaining structure if it is the one.


    "<; rah a m's Distillery. This firm consists of Julius, Freeman and Byron
    Graham, with a capital stock of $150,000. They manufacture sour mash whiskies.
    The annual product is $300.000. They employ forty-five hands, with an annual pay-
    roll of $30,000. "

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