I've been experimenting with several ginger brews lately and testing their compatibility with whiskey. Here are my favorite results so far:

Blenheim Red Cap
The mother of all ginger ales! Light up front but with a huge spicy ginger bite at the end. So far I've mixed it with OWA and Bulleit with fantastic results!

Maine Root Ginger Brew
My second favorite so far in my endeavors. Sweeter and less spicy that Blenheim but still very good. Wonderful texture too. Still has a spicy ginger kick at the end. Was beautiful with Four Roses Small Batch!

Bundaberg Ginger Beer
Used this to make a Kentucky Mule, which is like a Moscow Mule with bourbon instead of vodka. Was excellent!

Sprecher Ginger Brew
This was a light and dry ginger brew. We mixed it with Bulleit and fresh spiced cider. A very refreshing fall cocktail. Would have also been good warm instead of on ice.