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    New guy from West Virginia

    Hello folks! My name is Travis, and I am from the Huntington area (home of Marshall University). I am relatively new to bourbon/whiskey and have been on a bit of a buying and trying kick here lately. I was recently in the Cinci area and found The Party Source. My wallet lost some weight that day. I have been a beer snob for as long as I have been of drinking age. I also like to homebrew, including ciders, and I am about to start my first wine for my wife. Other things that occupy my time, besides work, are my family, bowhunting, and flyfishing. Bottles currently opened include Blanton's, WL Weller Special Reserve, Elijah Craig 12yo, Four Roses Single Barrel, Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek, Evan Williams, Ridgemont Reserve 1792, and Wild Turkey 101. Some that are waiting on deck, or just relaxing in the bunker, include duplicates of some opened bottles, Old Weller Antique (never tried), Jack Daniels Single Barrel (never tried, I know its not bourbon), Buffalo Trace (good stuff), Four Roses yellow label (never tried), Dry Fly Washington Wheat (never tried), and William Lathe Weller 2010 (never tried, saving for later). I will probably open the TTYL tomorrow evening at a whiskey and cigar party. Anyway, I am glad I found this site and hope to contribute to this great community you have created. Thanks for having me.

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    Re: New guy from West Virginia

    Quote Originally Posted by wvbowhunter View Post
    ...and William Lathe Weller 2010... TTYL...
    Gotta love autotype/autocorrect. That should have been William Larue Weller and FRYL. Oh well.

    On a different note, I opened the FRYL at the whiskey and cigar party. It was a hit with the non-bourbon drinkers there. I also thought it was pretty good. Nothing too remarkable, but a good, smooth, mild-mannered pour.

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    Re: New guy from West Virginia

    Welcome aboard Hunter. You've definitely got a nice base there in the collection. The Party Source has lightened my wallet a time or two as well, both in person and ordering online.

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    Re: New guy from West Virginia

    Welcome. Enjoy yourself here.



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