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    north of I70, west of I75...Ohio

    new guy from Ohio

    Good morning everyone. I was first introduced to Bourbon at a party in Louisville back in June. Woodford reserve and really enjoyed it..so that started my Bourbon obsession. I got online to do research and found this site. As you all know, tons of good info.

    Being Ohio is state controlled, and not very good selection wise, I have ventured to Indiana to find the "good stuff ", and have done pretty well. The following is what I've found and bought, they suit my palate the best:

    VW 10,12,20
    EWSB '96,'97,'98,'00,'01
    4 roses, 100th anniversary, '09 mariage, '10&'11 le SmB, the TPS SB selection
    PHC '10
    Weller 12
    And many others that I'm enjoying. I hope that in the near future I will be able to post some useful info for everyone

    Thanks, Phil
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    Wait for it



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