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    new guy from Ohio

    Good morning everyone. I was first introduced to Bourbon at a party in Louisville back in June. Woodford reserve and really enjoyed it..so that started my Bourbon obsession. I got online to do research and found this site. As you all know, tons of good info.

    Being Ohio is state controlled, and not very good selection wise, I have ventured to Indiana to find the "good stuff ", and have done pretty well. The following is what I've found and bought, they suit my palate the best:

    VW 10,12,20
    EWSB '96,'97,'98,'00,'01
    4 roses, 100th anniversary, '09 mariage, '10&'11 le SmB, the TPS SB selection
    PHC '10
    Weller 12
    And many others that I'm enjoying. I hope that in the near future I will be able to post some useful info for everyone

    Thanks, Phil
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    Re: new guy from Ohio

    For a person just getting into bourbon I must say you have done well with your choices.

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    Re: new guy from Ohio

    Well Oscar, it was guys like you that influenced my buying. With me being so new to Bourbon, how do I know what I will probably like? So what I did was read and studied the posted tasting notes and reviews. There seems to be juice that everybody loves, and juice that only some people like, and juice that seems like nobody likes.

    So when I went hunting, I only bought what everybody loved..I mean, if Oscar gives '09 mariage HG status, it must be damn good. And so far, I have not been disappointed ..imagine my surprise, that in the last month, I have walked into 2 different liquor stores, and both had 6 bottles of '09 Mariage ..very nice and no way did I ever think I would find this bourbon. Just plain luck.

    Right now I'm enjoying a EBSB 12yr..neat, of course..mighty tasty
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    Re: new guy from Ohio

    Sir, I too share the burden of being a bourbon fan in Ohio. It can be a frustrating experience. I am lucky in that I go to school in Cincinnati and therefore am in close proximity to Kentucky. Still, to get my hands on some of the rarer stuff, such as the BTAC and some Parker's Heritage bourbon, the internet has been a valuable resource.



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