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Sam Komlenic stopped by yesterday and he sampled my bottle of KC Rye. Even before he had any, he noticed that the bottle does not say "Kentucky Straight" anywhere on it- it is only bottled by Knob Creek Distilling (Beam). There is no mention of who distills it, or if it's even from Kentucky. Sam made mention that he even thought it had a few characteristics in common with LDI ryes, but stopped short of feeling confident it was from a different source other than Beam. I had not noticed the lack of "Kentucky Straight" on the labeling, but after he pointed it out, we got to wondering "What IS Knob Creek Rye?"
They need to list the state of distillation on the label, so if it was made by LDI, it would need to say "produced in Indiana" or something to that effect. That's assuming of course that the TTB is enforcing its rules, which is not always the case, but the big players tend to follow them voluntarily.