I can see what you're saying in regards to the WT101 similarity in the mid-palate and finish. WT gives me more mint and ginger on the nose, and it's also sweeter. Knob gives me a bit more char, and that may be due to age? Both have the same mouthfeel of spice and weight. I can see putting them in the same camp, apart from LDI and DSP-354 Ritt. I would put Baby Saz in the same "biting" category.

And I'm glad you've gotten your hands on some Fleischmann's. That stuff is it's own animal. When I think of what it could be with higher proof...

Also, I dig what you're saying about establishing some Rye house styles. It would be really welcome for us Rye lovers. And I can't wait to start comparing Ritt DSP-1! This is a good thing. Too bad Turkey is dropping the ball.

Hey WT, are you listening???