It came in to a local retailer a few weeks ago. I had finally gotten up the muster to shell out 40 clams, but at the last minute saw he had KC rye minis for sale. So I bought one of those--along with a fifth of Ritt bond . Well, I'm glad I had the opportunity to try it cheaply at first, because I most definitely would have had some buyer's remorse. I'd be willing to get a second mini just for another go around, but I seriously doubt I would buy a full size unless it was at least $10 cheaper.

I found it to be curiously more like Beam bourbons and less like Beam yellow or, especially, Old Overholt. The nose was a bit thin--although I can't say I let it open up enough. The body was medium-light, most likely due to the "patiently aged" process--seemed about 4-6 yrs old. The finish, came through as hot and fleeting. What stood out most prominently was that the oiliness was there, as with the yellow label, but more pronounced in the way that standard KC (or other Beam juice) has fusel oil qualities. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just that I rather not have that in my ryes. There also was less fruitiness (berries or bubble gum) on the palate compared to Ritt or Saz, respectively.

Some speculation: I'm not sure what gives Beam products the fusel aspects--the yeast? I may be using fusel oil as an odd descriptor, but it's nose and mouthfeel remind me of gasoline. (Been awhile since I siphoned gas from a tank though ). Their OGD seems to have some of this, but it definitely stands apart from white label or KC. OGD has a different yeast, no?