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    Jefferson's Very Small Batch Sale

    OK, so the local liquor store is doing a one day super sale on Jefferson's Very Small Batch Bourbon for $18.98. I have never had it before and my question is... how many bottles should I pickup?

    I fully plan on bringing a glass, buying one bottle, walking outside, pouring it and nosing/tasting; trouble is my nose is never at its best outside --I have no idea why-- and the store is half an hour away. I am therefore asking for a bit of advice.

    I like pretty much everything most would call "good" (which I would hope rules out Old Crow) except for Beam whiskey; on that front I pretty much only like KC and Booker's. But everything from VOB, to Old Charter, to FRYL, to OF, to WT101, to MM and on up I have on hand and enjoy with some regularity.

    What I would really not prefer is yet another young independent label HH whiskey, I have plenty of those and find HH 6yo BIB generally better and definitely cheaper. Thanks.

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    Re: Jefferson's Very Small Batch Sale

    I like it well enough. It isn't by any means what you would call a "great" bourbon, but it's a decent pour, IMO.... especially at that price.



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