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    Rock Hill Farms \"Sam\'s Private Cask\"

    Hello there!

    I just recieved an email from Samswine.com touting this stuff. $39 a bottle. Looks intriguing. Anybody know anything about it?

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    Re: Rock Hill Farms \"Sam\'s Private Barrel\"

    Rock Hill Farms is an excellent single barrel bourbon made by Buffalo Trace. This bottling is simply a special bottling done for Sams where they picked out a specific barrel they liked, bought it, and had it bottled for them. Nice price at $39 for Rock Hill Farms. Like I said, RHF is a great bourbon, so if you plan on making a purchase from them I don't think you would go wrong buying a bottle of it.

    Just an FYI, generally whenever you see on Sams or Binnys site "private bottling" all it means is they did a barrel purchase and had it bottled for them. Since RHF is already a single barrel bourbon it stays a single barrel bourbon. Now on something like Buffalo Trace that is not a single barrel bourbon when you see them list it as a special bottling, it becomes a single barrel product now but they don't notate it on the label since that would involve a label redesign and that involves a whole bunch of legal hoopla...



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