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    Re: Delicious Dalmore

    I will have to try HP!

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    Re: Delicious Dalmore

    Well, who knows why these things happen, but upon returning home from a pizza-supper outing, my eyes fell on The Dalmore 12 I'd laid out but never opened, and it seemed right for an after-pizza-dinner drink, so I poured some. This old farm boy really enjoys and appreciates the clean, prominent grain in the nose and the grain-bin dust flavor. (Its oiliness also cut through the pepperoni after-effects.) And, finally, it reminded me of the very wonderful taste of 62yo Dalmore I codged last fall from Master Blender Richard Paterson.
    Then, as I read this thread, I see Dave's reference to Highland Park 12, so I think, "What the heck, I can -- and will -- have bourbon again tomorrow!"
    The HP has a more caramelly depth to the nose and palate, with a touch of peatiness that balances any sweetness nicely.
    I don't find nearly as many Scotches I like as bourbons, but these two are among them. A nice change of pace.



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