Hello folks. I have been reading about your fascination, appreciation and general passion for the bourbon. I myself do not share this with you, however, would like to share with you my small collection of "dusties" as you call them. BTW, I have this collection (what I believe to be as somewhat rare) because my grandfather was in the distribution business many years ago and much of it landed in my lap.
I choose to share my possessions with you because you are a group of individuals who come together to discuss something you love, and I truly appreciate your comity.
I certainly could opt to place my collection at a place like ebay, but I am against that notion for several reasons. Instead, I would rather try to make available what I have to those of you who truly appreciate it for what it is as a whole. In short, I am not looking for the highest bidder per say. Although times are tough, money isn't the end all.
Anyway, should you be in the Minneapolis area and wish to discuss your interest, then feel free to send a PM. Pictures are available in this manner.
And finally, I realize you folks are not interested in solicitors. It is not my intent to irritate anyone. Keep in mind that I would rather have a person who appreciates the product take possession over someone who just wants to posses.
If this group as a whole would like me to post what I have then please let me know by responding to this post. If I am just another new irritant and you would rather I go away, then by all means say so, and I respectfully will do so.
Thank you for your time.