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    Re: Old Forester BIB vs. Signature

    Quote Originally Posted by mosugoji64 View Post
    Picked up a bottle of the BIB and gave it a couple of tries. It has a LOT of that old bourbon, spiced rum flavor. Normally I like that, but it's completely overpowering in this bottle. It's not bad, but about half way through a pour I find myself saying, "Enough." I think I'll try vatting this with some other things to see what I can come up with. It has potential.
    So is your BIB distilled at DSP-414 or DSP-354? Some of us here think that makes a differerence. My taste experience is that the DSP-414's are some of the rummiest of the dusty rum tasting bourbons. I also regard Signature as a very good bourbon and its difference from the DSP-414 dusties highlight what is different about the older versus modern bourbon profile.


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    Re: Old Forester BIB vs. Signature

    It was distilled at DSP-354. The bottle is stamped 95, though I know that may not accurately indicate the bottling date. So, the 414s had more rum flavor than this? OF must have been the rum drinker's go-to bourbon!

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    Re: Old Forester BIB vs. Signature

    I remember a famous philosopher once said that 414>354, and I will agree. The OFBIB from the 70s is DAMN hard to beat even when put against the best of them.



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