Rye whiskey is in a class all by itself. This is truly America's best tasting as it has all the multitudes of aroma that fruit has to offer. What I am tasting tonight is Wild Turkey Rye. The first aroma is the honey and honeycomb associated with WT and then the fruit takes over. On the palate your taste buds will just explode with the awesome flavor that follows through beautifully from the nose. And then the rye takes over, peppery and very pleasant to the taste. This is not hot as some writers would have you believe. The finish I find very long and lingering. I have read where the finish is too short, but I find this not the case. WT is one of the great, great whiskeys of the world and the epitome of what a rye should be. I thought of having a "shoot-out" among the ryes. The Van Winkle's 12 & 13 YO's and the Sazerac are all great and every liquor cabinet should have them all. The only rye that I have tried that is not to my liking is Beam and I just don't like licorice. Other people I have talked to just love it though. As you can see I have left a few out on purpose. I would like to see more taste postings on these fine ryes-just to compare them to bourbon.