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    Re: Binny's Is Expanding.

    And according to Jdodso3, Big star Chicago Bar on Milwaukee and Damen also has some great single barrels, especially their hand picked 4 roses and weller antique single barrel.

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    Re: Binny's Is Expanding.

    selection, selection, selection.

    Binny's for bourbon, or for anything else that you can think of, is the tops. Granted, i haven't been to many other stores that compare, but there just aren't many in the same league.

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    Re: Binny's Is Expanding.

    My prediction is that Binny's will move into WI by buying one of the existing chains. There are many legal challenges involved in crossing state lines in the liquor business. The primary benefit is extending the brand, so that especially those WI markets that consume Illinois media can be marketed to more efficiently. I can imagine an arrangement where it's not so much a buy-out as a merger, allowing an existing chain to benefit from the power of the Binny's brand. That's how I think it will go down.



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