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    Duty Free Sighting Report

    Hey Gang:

    Here's a bourbonian perspective on my last trip through Duty Free Land. Unfortunately, it's a disappointing report.

    JFK: Wake me when it's over: Nothing but JB White (jeez, big deal) and WT 80 (ditto, big deal). BTW, I do not report on anything but bourbon whiskey--that Lincoln County process stuff is of NO interest to this bourbonian. (OK, OK, for you Tennessee fans, only JD black and JD SB were available, (again, big deal)).

    Amsterdam: Four Roses 80 was available for about $14 US to travelers headed beyond Europe. Nothing else of note.

    Dubai: Same sorry offerings as at JFK. This was really disappointing, because the Dubai duty free bounty is legendary and, although a good selection of smokies and peaties were on the shelves, the new charred oak barrel crowd was nonexistent, save the usual boring representatives.

    CDG, Paris: Same sorry offerings as at JFK. The only saving grace was that Four Roses 80 was served at the Dubai and Paris waiting lounges. Since I was traveling at breakfast hours, however, I took note, but did not imbibe.

    All in all, a notably disappointing bourbonian duty free adventure. Fortunately (for my wife, anyway), my negotiation skills were excercised at (more than) a few Dubai perfume dealers before the return trip, so I returned bedecked with bottles and alcohol, but not a bit of it comestible!!

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    Re: Duty Free Sighting Report

    I can almost feel your disappointment BP! One would have hoped after all that you would have hit the mother load on some Wild Turkey Freedom. I think the JFK duty free had it at one point but it must all be gone now. That is some rather sad news. I was almost as disappointed during a trip to Canada last year when all that was to be had of notable worth was JD Silver Select, a 100 proof version of their single barrel. Oh well, there's always ebay!

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    Re: Duty Free Sighting Report

    I wonder if there's a way to 'order' stuff in advance of a trip to be picked up at a DFS... That could be a slick thing to do if you travel regularly...




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