Friday afternoon my wife & I had the pleasure of having Bill and Jo Friel as our guests. This was an evening to remember. We started it off with a few drinks at my "Tenforward Bar" and then we had some of my famous "barbecue sauce" (homemade) on some wings and pork ribs and then got down to some serious tasting. It didn't take me very long to realize how little I knew. Bill explained things to me that I was unaware of regarding the chemicals that produce some of those awesome flavors and which also produce some of the same flavors we don't like. It is not very often you get to set down with a friend, who just happens to be a master distiller. Our conversation lasted well past the 1 AM mark- Lordy we sure talked and drank a lot. I will try to sort all this out and make additional postings as my head is still spinning-not from the bourbon-but by the knowledge I was given. I will look forward to seeing them at the bourbon festival as once again Bill will be the emcee at the barrel rolling contest. What a history lesson I received!!!!!!!!I wish I would have taken notes.