I spotted a dusty Dowling BIB yesterday and was tempted to buy it. It looked both interesting and suspicious. Since I had never heard of it, I decided to check it out before purchasing it. From what little I've found on SB and the web, I'm not sure if I should buy it.

It claims to be "Very Rare" and "Truly A Collector's Item." BIB (100 proof, natch), a fifth, aged 16 years, and with a tax stamp that says it was made in 1953 and bottled in 1969. It's in a plastic mesh bag, and the front label has dried and come loose from the bottle. I was able to slip the label out of the bag and photo it. Also took a shot of the bottle from the back (it's kind of Knob Creek shaped).

I'm having trouble uploading the images, so if they don't show or are unreadable, here is some more of the info on the label:
Distilled by Old Poindexter Dist. Co., Lexington, Kentucky.
Bottled by Dowling Distillers, Tyrone, Anderson County, Ky. D.S.P. 27.

The bottle genuinely seems that old. The seal is good and the juice is dark but not cloudy. The liquor store is old enough to have collectible bourbon, but I've never seen any there before. The Dowling was next to another orphan on the shelf, a Pappy 15 priced $91.99, also a rarity for this store, which has a decent bourbon selection, but Baker's and Booker's are about as high-end and unusual as its stock gets.

There is no price on the Dowling, and I didn't want to ask, as I had no idea what it might be worth, and the clerk on duty was clueless. Should I make an offer? In what range? $40? $50? Surely not $100. Help me out, SBers. Thanks.