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Thread: Wine Drinkers

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    Re: Wine Drinkers

    For Mondavi Reserve, I bought about 2 cases a few years back on clearance and so far 4 of them have been corked...

    I know I will probably jinx myself for saying this but I've never had a corked Carlisle or RMarie ...With these two mailers, I might not have a bourbon fund for the rest of the year...

    You know how the wine forum is having WB day where a lot of producers are having discounts on their products? Obviously spirits have different rules but how cool would it be if that would be possible!

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    Re: Wine Drinkers

    By the way, all the wines killed it last night. Also had an 09 Dominique Lafon white burg and an 09 Relic Petite Sirah. Also, Solbar rules.



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