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    Adelphi Blair Athol 1976 30 Year Cask Strength?

    My company dabbles in spirits...we have these in our inventory and I'm debating picking up one for my collection. Any thoughts? Not much info out there on it. Here is what I did find.

    Adelphi Blair Athol 1976 Highland 30-Year Scotch Cask Strength
    11 bottles available
    $300 per bottle

    From one of the most renowned independent bottlers of rare single-cask malt whisky—Adelphi Distillery, founded in 1826—comes the Adelphi Blair Athol 1976. Founded under the name ‘Aldour’ the Blair Athol Distillery dates back to the late eighteenth century. The property is situated at the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, in Pitlochry—which was once home to thirty distilleries and today has a mere three. Blair Athol was purchased by Diageo in 1933 and the majority of their whisky is aged in Bourbon barrels for Bell’s blend. The remaining five-percent is traditionally aged in Sherry casks and sold under the Flora and Fauna label, with a very scarce amount of independent bottlings, like that of Adelphi, over the years.

    The Adelphi Blair Athol 1976 Highland 30-Year is incredibly rare—only ninety-nine bottles were produced from a single American oak hogshead Sherry Cask. The aromatics are incredibly complex, with a labyrinth of nuances which range from dried apples to toasted nuts, myriad spice and, prunes, chocolate honey; beneath it all is pure malted barley. The palate is stout and supple, with astounding balance and a long redolence of Sherry-laced malt and chocolate.

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    Re: Adelphi Blair Athol 1976 30 Year Cask Strength?

    Have never tried it....to be honest, can't ever remember trying any Blair Athol. I did check malt maniacs and saw that the bottling had been reviewed by one member who gave it a 78.....not the kind of rating that I would see spending $300 on.




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