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    Bourbon lingo for Newbies...

    I know...I know...I know...Most of ya are not Newbies...but some of ya are ...

    Bettye Jo
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    Re: Bourbon lingo for Newbies...

    nice work !!!

    Here are a few more terms from the web (found on Scotch sites):

    Angle's Share is the part of alcohol that evaporates from the cask during Maturation . The Whisky loses about 2% Vol. alcohol a year.

    Coffey Still is also called Patent Still and allows a continiously destillation. It is used to produce Grain Whisky and also industriell alcohol. It's very clean, but less aromative than alcohol destilled in a Pot Still.

    Pot Still: It looks like a big onion and is used for the destillation of Malt Whisky

    -- Greg

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    Re: Bourbon lingo for Newbies...

    I put the following page on my website years ago.

    Whiskey Terms

    If any of you would like me to add something (or clarify anything) please let me know.



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