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    Re: Red State/Blue State

    Quote Originally Posted by cowdery View Post
    Heaven Hill's Red State/Blue State is actually some pretty decent bourbon. Nothing to set your heart aflutter, of course, but perfectly drinkable. It's such a tribute to Heaven Hill's quality that even a bourbon they made as a joke is pretty darn good.

    After the election, stores that still have it will probably blow it out cheap. It's worth picking up if you have a chance.
    One of the stores in Columbia already has it on clearance for $5.95.

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    Re: Red State/Blue State

    Forget the gimmick. The whiskey itself is well worth that.

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    Re: Red State/Blue State

    Quote Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
    Since I figure these are pretty much bottom, bottom shelf bourbons. It would be interesting to see if Repubs or Dems have the worst taste in Bourbon.

    This comment is in jest and in no way a political statement.
    Never thought of looking at it that way. Hopefully they release results.....
    Michter's Distillery, Inc. DSP-PA-17 Schaefferstown, PA.
    Until Wednesday Feb. 14th, 1990, Michter's was "The whiskey that warmed the revolution."



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