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Depends on how you define VW. Is the Heaven Hill-made OF really OF? Is OGD really OGD? SW was a distillery but VW is just a brand. As history demonstrates, brands have no obligation to remain consistent.
No and no. OGB and OF are simply just names now. The brands were bought, not the whiskey. And yes, you're right, but as a discerning and regular consumer, I have no obligation to continue glorifying their products if, in my opinion, it changes in quality.

This is slightly off topic and I'll save the details for a different thread, but soon I'm going to do a past->present whiskey tasting with a couple friends. Basically we'll compare current offerings with their original counterparts before being sold off to different companies (i.e., OC12/90 BT vs UD juice, VSOF12 SW vs HH juice, etc). I'm sure the results will be fascinating.