Now I've seen some who treat their "bunkers" as shrines, either to their collecting prowess, dusty huntin' acumen or the fattness of their wallets. And so they place their bottles in a visible location, for those deemed worthy to see. Now, I live in Chicago, and I don't have room for such a shrine. Plus, I don't want the authorities to keep tabs on my purchasing. I'm not saying who the "authorities" are, but let's just say I have a "forever roommate."

So I keep my stash in boxes in the basement. My parents' (non-bourbon drinkers) basement.

And unless y'all can help me with something less revolting, that means a Grey Goose box.

The Grey Goose box is needed because it is, so far at least, the only reliably available box I can find that is tall enough to accommodate the height of the BTAC bottles. Sure, I often bunker the shorter, squatter type bottles (mostly 4R), but one stray BTAC is all it takes to screw things up. The GG boxes also are larger than a bourbon "case," holding 12 rather than 6 bottles. Although moving them boxes can cause back injuries, etc. for those not pursing a proper fitness regimen.

I guess my problem is that I just freaking hate Grey Goose and all it stands for, and thus feel a bit revolted seeing my parents' basement full of Grey Goose boxes.

So, what do you store your "bunker" in ... and why? Shelves would be nice -- but I don't want to "see" it -- I don't want "access." Or anyone else to have "access." I want to have to really need to break into it and work hard to find what I need. So a byzantine system of similar, non-marked boxes is needed. That way, there's no way to know where the [insert awesome bottle here] is hiding.

OK, yeah, I'm fucking crazy.