Kind of a long story, but here it goes.

A couple of weeks ago the Van Winkle line hit Albuquerque. So, I go to the Kelley liquor location that I normally frequent. As I'm in line with my purchases, the manager asks me "what's the deal with these Bourbons? People have been asking about them a lot recently." So, I explained that they are really good bourbons, but that they are also scarce, which causes people to have to buy them right away if they want them. I even told him that they end up on ebay sometimes are ridiculous prices. He seems interested.

The next day I go back to the same store for some wine, and the VWs are all gone. So, I ask one of the clerks I see all the time if they sold out. He said no, that the manager pulled them off the shelf because they were mis-priced. The clerk seemed relieved when I told him that their prices were exactly what everyone else charged. I got the impression that the clerk thought he had mis-priced them when they came in, so he was relieved to hear that he hadn't screwed up.

Jump ahead a couple of weeks to today, and when I stopped in I notice that their locked cabinet was now full of Van Winkles with the following prices: 10 year old (both proofs) 129.99, the 12 year at 149.99 and the 20 at 249.99.

I guess I screwed myself by being so chatty with that d-bag manager.