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Where is that story posted?

Such a shame. Booze profiteers.
I am somewhat handicapped in re to the computer so I don't know how to put in a link to where I posted the story. It is on the thread about "finding an ORVW 23 decanter" in the "Premiums" section herein is the best I can do.

To be quite truthful and honest, I am not going to cast stones at anyone from within my glass house in terms of making some profit. I have sold a few here & there over the years. In doing so, I admit to having made a few dollars as I am sure other members have done as well. BUT, I have not used this forum as a base for launching & running a resale business on any scale be it large or small. From time to time I used to discuss this with Tim Sousley, a late fellow Tennessean as well as a great contributor, friend & adviser to many on this forum. Tim understood that just goes with the hobby over the long haul as he shared with me to have done the same.

My sharing the story about the black SUV from Alabama was much more of me lamenting my stupidity for not purchasing the ORVW Decanter than it was anger at someone else for buying it to turn a profit. That was/is frustrating of course for most of us, but, that is the world in which we live to some degree. While I don't agree with someone loading up vehicles & running them across state lines and would never do that myself, it is just the way it is in these times of a poor economy and profiteering at so many levels. Like most of us, I have transported a bottle or 2 (or maybe even 3...lol) here & there for gifts, personal enjoyment, etc. But the risk involved with running entire vehicle or trunk loads illegally across state lines...well, not for me.

Bottom Line: I just hope the ORVW decanter set ends in a good and appreciative home.