I find myself wondering where Beam is going with their Ri1 brand. I remember when it first came out they said it was going to be the first of a series of rye releases (Ri1, Ri2, etc.) and this first one was a mild flavored rye that would be great for mixing. It hit the shelves at an alarming price point (about $60 if I remember correctly). It subsequently sat on the shelves and the price steadily dropped to the present $40 or so. Those that tried a bottle (me included) did not seem to go back for another. To my palate it just tasted like Jim Beam Rye in a very fancy bottle. Bartenders continued to use it for cocktails (unfortunately) partly because it was available to all those that carried the Beam line. I haven't heard anything about further relaeses in the line (like the more full flavored Ri2).

Now comes news of a Knob Creek branded rye coming out next year. Could this be a reboot of the Ri1 line that did not take off? I certainly hope not because to carry the Knob Creek name it will need a whole lot more flavor than Ri1!