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It appears the Ri1 is one that is really struggling. I was on a march to find some items last Friday and hit A LOT of stores in Ohio, Northern Kentucky and SE Indiana. This stuff was priced anywhere from $55 to $25 (two Indiana locations). I had an owner at a NKY store see me looking at the WT Rye next to it on the shelf and say if you want the Ri1 you can have it for $40(priced $48). I told him no thanks and he said how about $35. Sounded like he was begging me to take it. I haven't tried it but that didn't give me a great feeling about it.

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Ri1 was my first introduction to rye whiskey. I had it in a bar and I loved it. I initially could not find it in stores so I bought some Beam rye and old Overholt. While I thought they were decent, I remembered the Ri1 being better. Last month I finally found some. It was not as good as I remembered at the bar but it was clearly better than the others. The oYthers seem quite thin by comparison. Not long after that I bought some Bulleit. While also better than the Beam and OO, I still preferred the ri1. It is the best rye I have tried with the limited local selection I have to deal with.