How 'bout a twofer this month? EH Taylor Sour Mash BIB, and EH Taylor Single Barrel BIB.

Both are good bourbons, but I prefer the first release myself. IMHO, the Sour Mash is somewhat reminiscent of some older bourbons. Butterscotch on the nose, with a slightly sweet, nougat type flavor. A very nice and easy drinker. The Single Barrel is very different. The nose has a nice musty, earthiness to it, with a touch of spice thrown in. To me, this one tastes just a bit hot. Spice, leather and pepper, with a faint odd alcohol or citrus flavor that I can't quite put my finger on. Acetone, or eucalyptus?

Anyway, let's hear it for the Colonel. Cheers Y'all. Joe