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I liked the first release enough to buy another bottle, even though I resented have to put down $75 for it. No heat for a 100 proofer, but I recall really, really mellow cinnamon-vanilla notes. I think it's a very fine and refined bourbon. It has many many pleasures, none of which knock you over the head, but all of them are pleasant.

Not to reveal to much or speak outside this forum's general conversation, but this bourbon lends itself especially well in partnership with marijuana. I think it's a great stoner's bourbon. On more than one occasion, it hit the spot particularly well whilst in this state. I think it has to do with a heightened palate milking out all of the mellow nuance. Delicious!

I haven't yet tried the SB.
HA!!! I've never mentioned this type of pairing for fear of getting kicked off SB, but I would be very active in a "What Bourbon pairs with 4-20" thread. They're certainly not all equal. I tend to like lower proof wheaters, like WellerSR, while higher proof high-rye recipes are a no-no.