As I mentioned in my intro, I'm not a real vet of bourbon, and a total rye virgin as it were. I know I like bourbon, and will taste many over my remaining days. Do I like Rye? I dunno.

My question is, what would you consider the quintessential under $30 rye. What I mean by this is; don't necessarily list your favorite. I can read that in reviews. Which rye do you taste and say, "if a person tries and likes this, he's hooked for life on rye whiskey, and if he doesn't like it, he really doesn't like rye." For example in single malt scotch, I would tell someone to try Highland Park 12YO. If you find something in there you like, you're in. If you don't, single malt scotch isn't really for you.

If no such thing exists, forgive me for my lunacy. If it does I look forward to your assistance.