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    Johnnie walker double black?

    I've heard a wide range of info about this- one thing saying it is barreled twice, and another saying it uses barrels with a deep char, and a third saying it is very smoky.

    Is the additional smoke from the barrel or smoking the malt?

    What are your ideas on this compared to the regular black label or green label?

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    Re: Johnnie walker double black?

    I don't believe the double black is made from malts using any special processes (additional smoking, charring, etc), rather a different selection of malts is used for blending (ie, those malts that are normally created with a smokier profile).

    While I have met some individuals that enjoy the double black, the majority of people (including myself) who have tried it in my presence have been unimpressed with it. I definitely prefer JWB to the double black.

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    Re: Johnnie walker double black?

    According to Wikipedia, JWDB "...was created taking Black Label
    as a blueprint and adding heavily-peated malts and some [then ?]
    aged in deeply charred oak casks."

    The JWDB page might answer some of your questions as well.

    According to my sister-in-law (who likes JW but not peated
    whiskys) and my wife (who prefers peated Islay drinks but
    not JW), it does taste "smokier" than any standard JW offering.

    My guess - JW trying to appeal to both groups (JW blend
    fans & peated Scotch drinkers) but coming up short, since
    my very limited "market research" shows that neither of
    the above mentioned ladies would bother with it.
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    Re: Johnnie walker double black?

    I just had it the other night at a friends house. It is definitely peatier than JWB. I certainly like it more than the regular version. To me it is as well balanced with smokier flavoring.



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