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The 90 proof was just being rolled out all of NoVA last week (the stores in the southern part of the state don't carry it for whatever reason) and the gift shop also has it in stock. I was a little apprehensive to pay $70 for a 10yr 90 proof rye, especially considering the (older) barrel strength bourbon and ryes under the same label, but I bought a bottle anyway. Good rye (and I'm assuming it's good based on the strength of those past releases) is just not that easy to come by these days. With that said, I haven't opened the bottle...I just have too many open already. I am also very curious to hear others' opinions!
The 90 proof was sitting next to the barrel proof ryes at TPS and have been there for months. I sat there scratching my head when I got the barrel proof the 90 was exactly the same price and right next to each other. I almost picked up the wrong one. They must have just put them on the website. I would assume it is fantastic whiskey just a but not going to spend $72 on 90 proof right now. To many others on the to do list.

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