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    Rittenhouse 21/23/25

    Does anyone know for sure the approximate number of barrels/bottles produced for each release? In searching out some older threads, I cannot find anything definite. I saw a 25 last week for around $200 which is steeper than any 21s or 23s which I have found. Also, have not seen near as many 25s as the previous releases. Maybe fewer barrels for the 25?

    I've never dropped the dollars for any of them, but, thinking about trying to work them into the 2012 budget. Seeing how few & far between old ryes are going to be in the future, I have seriously began considering what I once deemed bordering on insanity - paying >$100 for a bottle of whiskey.

    Last Q: Is this the final long-aged Rittenhouse release that HH has planned or will there possibly be another?
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