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    Booker\'s Bourbon

    I am looking for information on a bottle of Booker's I purchased quite a few years ago. According to the Beam website, Bookers was first produced in 1988 as Booker's True Barrel. My bottle lot number is C-8-16-79, no. 05372. Does anyone know if this refers to a date or is it just a number? I'm sure this bottle was purchased before 1988. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Booker\'s Bourbon

    For one or two years before Booker's was available in the marketplace, it was used by the Jim Beam folks as a business gift for customers and suppliers. However, I'm sure it wasn't available in 1979. I had some in 87, in Louisville, at the Bristol and they were one of the first bars to have it.

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    Re: Booker\'s Bourbon

    I would think the date refers to the date it was put into the barrel, yours being August 16, 1979. That would put it as being bottled right around the 87-88 time period. Guess it was aged a little longer back then, my recent bottles are only about 7 years and a few months old...



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