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    Sazerac 18/Van Winkle Rye

    Does anyone know at exactly what age Buffalo Trace tanked the Sazerac 18? Was it at 18 years old, or 19?

    I'm curious because we know that BT is holding the rye whiskey for both the Saz 18 and VW Rye. According to the Van Winkles, the VW is 19. Also according to the Van Winkles, it's now a combination of Ryes that were produced by Bernheim and Medley. We also know that Buffalo Trace didn't have any of its OWN rye that old and that it came from another source (and I've been informed it wasn't part of the CoK rye stash....), most likely Medley (and possibly Bernheim????).

    The Van Winkles have maintained that (as of 2005) the Rye is a 19 year old that has been tanked.

    Finally, Buffalo Trace maintained in the recent past that they only had one rye tanked, the Saz 18.

    So is it possible they are the "same" whiskey? I understand that they don't taste the same... and I'm not sure 5 proof points is enough to make up that difference. Perhaps BT let some of the barrels age to 19 years of age, and then didn't like the result so sold them???
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