Hi everyone,

I'm new here, living in Seattle. Been drinking bourbon for around 12 years. I started with Old Crow, EC12, Bookers, Beam white label, and Woodford Reserve. Didn't really do much experimenting for a long, long time, though I did try the occasional mid- to upper-shelf selection (the other Beam single barrels, Jefferson's Reserve) in bars. Finally got a yen to approach things more systematically, and to map out the territory, as it were, earlier this year. And in the process of looking for some information, I stumbled across this forum. Since then, I've branched out considerably; I've tried some whiskeys that have increased my enjoyment of bourbon immensely.

My current favorites are OGD114 and VSOF -- very different ends of the spectrum, I know. I found the OGD114 to be like Bookers terms of sheer flavor, but balanced. Lots of flavor, but everything in proportion. The VSOF is like desert whiskey -- loads of vanilla, with a kind of yeasty-funk at the end that put me off at first (and which I haven't detected in any other whiskey), but that I now think is just part of the charm. I also love it's lingering, aromatic finish. I have tried and do like the Weller 12, which is sort of in the same quadrant, taste-wise, as the VSOF, but I prefer the Fitzgerald. I got the notion that I ought to check out all three from reading this forum, so thanks for that!

Some bourbons that I've tried that didn't work for me are the Old Ezra 101 and the ETL. The former's flavor had too many of the qualities that I associate with cheap booze for me to enjoy it. The latter is definitely elegant, and I can appreciate what it's trying to do, but for me, the char kind of gets in the way of subtleties that it seems like it's going for.

So, it looks like I've got a thing for wheaters. But I can appreciate the OGD, and I have really enjoyed other high-rye mashes, including the FR1B. So, next I'll see how I like a full rye. I somehow managed to luck into 2 VWFRR's and a 2011 Handy, none of which have I opened yet. I was thinking about picking up a Russell's Reserve 6 or Sazerac 6, just to establish a frame of reference. What do you think? Any other suggestions of where to go next?

Looking forward to joining in!