But ABV doesn't simply equate to "heat," of course. I much prefer the 2011 young bottled that I've had compared to the 2010 on-tap that I had. (While acknowledging that the method of delivery may affect the characteristics of each.) My cellar only goes back to the 2009, and I'm giving that two more years before I begin to vertical taste.

I had the 2008 fresh and had the same reaction to the alcohol presence, but I was also much less attuned to the delights of high proofs back then. (I was still drinking my bourbon on the rocks in 2008.)

Compliments on how well the alcohol is hidden in the 2011 far outweigh complaints about heat over on Beer Advocate. But in any event you're patient enough to wait for it to mellow, and have quite the supply to enjoy in coming years!

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Least hot? I'm not sure how people would think that when it's one of the highest alcohol releases in the past few years (up to 14.5%). Being a bourbon drinker I like my beers robust with plenty of bourbon, but the alcohol is a bit too much this year, which takes over from the nice vanilla notes that are usually more present. I like it as well, but I'll let it sit a few more months before popping another bottle.