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Another unusual taste in the Immort Ale is smoke, which comes from peated barley. What did you think? To me, it's the messiest beer I've ever had, but it's so much fun to drink.
Yeah. I didn't realize it had peat smoked malt in it until I took a sip; quite a surprise. It was unique, but not something I truly enjoyed. My homebrew buddy has been trying to talk me into a peat smoked beer, but I've been resisting. This didn't do him any favors, but I'll certainly let him try one of the other bottles I have sitting around.

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FFF 2010 Dark Lord RIS. It mellowed over two years as I expected, but has lost some of the coffee/ roastiness, and is sweeter than I would have expected.
The wife and I cracked a 2011 DL while watching T2 with some friends last night. I enjoy the beer enough, but wish there was less of the soy sauce component. Certainly sweet and thick enough to be a long slow sipper though.