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    Re: Whiskey Best and Worst of 2011

    Keeping is simple

    -The kindness of others an being able to reciprocate that kindness back. Everybody here should be proud of the good group of people we have.

    I could list the things that I just completely missed, or were unavailable, and others, but some things are just meant to be nothing can be done.

    Besides, in the end if the good outweighs the bad, who's to say that the bad was that bad.


    It was very sad to read of Tim's passing. I was't around much at that time, but in learning of it and reading more into his past posts, it was certainly clear that a great loss was had much too soon.
    "Life is life and fun is fun, but it's all so quiet when the goldfish die."

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    Re: Whiskey Best and Worst of 2011

    1) Meeting Joe, Jimmy, Jack, Tucker, and the rest of the GBS guys for the first time.
    2) Helping friends acquire harder to find bottles like Pappy, Saz, and others.
    3) Getting more involved on this fine forum.
    4) Running my first private tasting event.
    5) PHC 2011 really surpassed my expectations.
    6) Angel's Envy (thank's Joe!)

    1) Not having more GBS meetings. (hope to rectify in 2012!)
    2) While the 2011 4R LE Single Barrel was good it really disappointed me compared to past releases.
    3) Not making it to Kentucky this year.
    4) Travel Retail offerings at the airport in Puerto Rico
    5) All the hoopla around Van Winkle, BTAC, etc. You'd think it was the yearly allotment of insulin or polio vaccines.
    GBS Member rounding out the top 5
    Are you a Whisk(e)y Apostle?

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    Re: Whiskey Best and Worst of 2011

    Best- and it has been a VERY good year
    -joining this forum and meeting some of the members here
    -Jack Rose opening (finally)
    -a couple of fine tastings at Acadiana
    -Dave Perkins visit at Reid's house
    -expanding my horizon by sampling MANY fine bourbons this year; and starting a bunker
    -finding a couple boxes of Havanas had accidentally and not on purpose followed me home from Canada- not strictly a whiskey best, but related.

    -Virginia ABC stores
    -Pappy hoopla
    -general unavailability of good bourbon here - see #1
    -trend in white/flavored whiskey. really?

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    Re: Whiskey Best and Worst of 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by smokinjoe View Post

    - Joy the Tour Guide at Barton.
    Where are the pics?!

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    Re: Whiskey Best and Worst of 2011


    Finding this website. There is a ton of value added by the participants and the search functions. If I find I have a few minutes to kill, I really enjoy ripping through the archives.

    Dusty hunting. Haven't really found anything yet (and to whoever posted that San Diego was 95% dustied out -- spot on!), but it is fun and I look forward to that first find.

    Finding my palate. I have always enjoyed spirits, but never really thought much about it. Over the past year (or two), I've been paying closer attention to what I like & why. Applying that to the TN's here has really helped me buy better (for me).


    Bourbon in Hawaii.
    Jim Beam Rye, related to above.
    Knowing this is just the tip of the iceberg

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    Re: Whiskey Best and Worst of 2011

    • Learning a whole lot from this forum
    • Getting caught up in the Pappy chase for the first two times
    • Helping a few locals find some/trade for Pappy
    • Binny's World of Whiskies event -- got to try a whole lot of bourbons and meet a few luminaries
    • Ending the year with a bunker big enough to allow me to take a year off from buying (potentially rough year ahead with two clients going out of business)

    • The flavored bourbon trend. Easy enough to avoid, but hard to be enthusiastic about
    • Realizing again just how much I don't know about this stuff
    • Grappling with the fact that most of my old friends much prefer beer or wine to whiskey
    • Ending the year with a bunker big enough to allow me to take a year off from buying (potentially rough year ahead with two clients going out of business)

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    Re: Whiskey Best and Worst of 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainQ View Post
    Where are the pics?!


    Wag more.
    Bark less.

    "Every bottle is its own learning experience." -- Sensei Ox-sama

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    Re: Whiskey Best and Worst of 2011

    Best, rising popularity of local distilling
    NH state liquor stores, 10-30% cheaper than MA
    finding a 16 yr old hirsh lost in the back closet
    inventory the stagg, find one from every year from 02 - 09,
    including the 2, 05' spring releases
    lots of rye in the bunker, handy, 18 yr, and VMFRR
    Worst, TOO much money for the BTAC, haven't even tried for the
    last 2 years.

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    Re: Whiskey Best and Worst of 2011

    Discovering the wonderful world of Bourbon (Thanks BourbonBoiler!)
    A 2 day KY Bourbon Trail trip with great friends.
    My first sip of PVW15 and PVW20 at the Chapeze House in Bardstown.
    Drinking a glass of PVW23 and Rittenhouse 25 at City House in Nashville with Pleeplius from Drinking Made Easy
    Building from nothing the complete BTAC and Van Winkle line, including a decanter set, at "normal" retail prices..and having multiple bottles of many
    My wife learning how to make a terrific Manhattan.
    Adding WTAS and WTT to the top shelf.
    Being given a Jimmy Russell autographed bung hammer and bottle of WT101.
    Finding my absolute favorite liquor store in Texas.
    Finally realizing that everything I have bought in such a short period of time is very likely going to be available again in the future so I don't have to hoard every bottle I ever see.
    Finding many great bourbon people on SB and being able to trade bottles with others so they can enjoy items that are not necessarily available in their area.

    Getting completely consumed by the thrill of the hunt for top shelf bottles, and buying way too many too quickly (although most bought retail and none were bought from the online profiteers)
    Discovering that my previous love for Maker's Mark was misplaced and now I only drink it in a Coke.
    Ohio being a control state and buying bottles of bourbon in 7 different states in a 6 month span.

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    Re: Whiskey Best and Worst of 2011

    Turning 21
    Starting and finishing the bourbon trail with my family this summer
    Going to Buffalo trace in the fall with some buddies from college
    Really getting into bourbon, beyond Evan Williams
    Getting my hands on some Van Winkle products in the fall, thanks in part to Clingman
    Discovering my love of cocktails, and then making them for family and friends
    PHC 2010
    Everything I've had from four roses

    Arriving at Party Source at 8:15 on the day of the BTAC release only to discover that they were sold out
    Probably spent more than I should have, and I show no signs of slowing down....



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