After weeks of delving heavily into wheaterland with the Pappy 15, the ORVW/10/107, and the various Wellers, it was high time to bring some rye back into the picture. So I had an interesting evening with Ryes last night. The three I was enjoying are Rittenhouse BIB 100, High West Rendezvous Rye, and Bulleit Rye.

The Rittenhouse is just great stuff, great all around sipper, but not a straight rye as I understand it. It was to me like a very rye heavy bourbon, excellent stuff, great flavor, balanced, excellent value at $20.

Then was the High West Rendezvous Rye. Wow. It's so very intensely rye tasting and in a completely wonderful way with a nice and interesting complexity and long finish. Great nose. Very balanced, nothing off, killer... Just superb stuff.

Then I went to the Bulliet, which I have enjoyed in the past. But coming off of the Rittenhouse and then the amazing Rendezvous, the Bulleit had a strange, almost metallic flavor. In its own context, I do enjoy the Bulleit Rye, but following the High West, it just failed in comparison. I was instantly back to the High West.

So I'm finding that the Rittenhouse BIB is about the best deal in rye whiskey there is. Very hard to compete with that stuff. And the High West Rendezvous Rye is an excellent treat and a full on, blissful rye experience. I feel it's worth the $42 I paid for it. And the Bulleit isn't bad. I can get it for $22 around here, so it's there as a decent backup. But I'll definitely go for the Rittenhouse as a trusty and affordable pour, and the High West for the more special occasion.