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Yes, its been in state for at least two or three weeks.

I was told that the state as a whole did get fewer cases than than last year,maybe something to the order of 25% less?? I don't remember what I was told exactly, but I remember it was quite a decrease.

Need a hand? Let me know. Being the nice guy that I am, I will also take a look around the sunny St. Pete Beach FL area, I managed to get out of town before the cold and snow hit.

The white sand is almost like snow.......

Nice work on getting to FL. I don't mind snow but when we don't get much people forget how to drive on it.

I think I had a brain fart there, I know of (and knew several days ago) about a couple of places that have Ritt in stock. One is asking $26, which may be more than I'm willing to spend.