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    Re: Bottling Miniatures

    I think that South Carolina is the only State left that still uses mini bottles. I think that the state gets 50 cents a bottle in taxes so it is easy for them to keep track of what income they should receive. It is also far more in taxes than they would receive if drinks were poured from regular bottles. . Of course there are lots of drinks that we can not get down here , as you might have to open several bottles for a drink, and end up with 6 oz. of booze and a 15.00 drink. Also the selection is very poor, and usually all you can find is the Beam line and Makers Mark.
    While obviously all of this is bad for the consumer,many restaurants like the minis. They have few inventory problems,and it is easy to keep track or 'shrinkage'. Also you don't need to hire talented bar people, and you can stock your whole bar in an area not much bigger than a suitcase

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    Re: Bottling Miniatures

    And I'm lookin' for those WT exports for you, too. Thanks.

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    Re: Bottling Miniatures

    According to the Newsweek article, the main opponents to a change are the usual bluenoses and the producers, for whom the minis are extremely profitable. Apparently the legislature has become convinced that the change will be revenue-neutral, again according to Newsweek.

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    Re: Bottling Miniatures

    Yeah they sell the minis of the small batch collection here in OH, along with Rare Breed & Russell's Reserve (WT 80 & 101 too) Blanton's and EW 7 year.

    At least those are the ones I saw.

    Tom (Doesnt think a "nip" is nearly enough to convert someone)C

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    Re: Bottling Miniatures

    Just a quick followup to my Jacob's Well find: I revisted the same ABC store and they're sold out. There is no longer a shelf-label for it either. So if any of you NoVA locals were hoping to make the trip, don't bother.



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