I know I'm late again, but I had a hard time picking something for BOTM this month. I had a few suggestions, and Mellow Corn BIB was one of them, so here it is. We're gonna kick off 2012 with Mellow Corn BIB.

My notes FWIW;

Color-very light, almost like a light corn oil. Dohhh!
Legs-Odd. What are there take their sweet time running down the glass. The odd part to me is that this whiskey seeks to really coat the inside of the glass, and stay there.
Nose-buttery corn, and some alcohol
Taste-You can taste the corn for sure, but I also get a hint of slightly bitter vanilla. The mouth feel is something else. Very rich and oily. (re:legs?) I believe the proper term is viscous. It sure stays with you for a while.

Overall impression; I'm not really sure what to make of this one. There's no doubt it's different. Not in a good way, and not in a bad way, just different. Quite drinkable, but not one I'm going to pour on a regular basis.

Happy New Year, and happy posting. Let's hear what you all have to say. Cheers! Joe