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    Re: Four Roses Small Batch vs Single Barrel

    My vote is for the SmB. I love the FRSB and pretty much everything that Jim Rutledge produces ---- especially the selected SB at barrel proof. But the SmB (and I would include the Mariages and SmB LEs) gives a complexity and taste experience that simply can't be found in any other bourbon.
    John B

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    Re: Four Roses Small Batch vs Single Barrel

    Quote Originally Posted by AaronWF View Post
    My favorite so far is the OBSQ. Not sure about the mint, but it has an exotic, medicinal astringency balanced with a delicious caramel sweetness that blew me away.
    I was fortunate enough over the holidays to be able to get a few TPS 1Bs. So far, the OBSQ is my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, I like them all...just this one the least. Can't put a finger on it but your description starts to put into words this bottle for me. Maybe it just needs some air for a while..don't know. But, it is definitely different from the rest and any other 4R1B I've had past & present. Further, the "exoticness" of it has turned me away from spending even more dollars on the 2011 LE 1B which is also OBSQ, just a couple of yrs older.

    I want try the OBSK next as well as more OESO & some OESF.

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    Re: Four Roses Small Batch vs Single Barrel

    Quote Originally Posted by sob0728 View Post
    Don't know if you bought your 1B yet, but they have it on sale for $34.99 on my side of the city. PM me if you want to know where.
    Funny story. I walked in to buy 4 Roses and I left with a PHC wheater instead.
    But I think I'll probably grab both 4Rs next time.



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