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    Re: Good Bourbon Bars in Tennesse?

    I have no information to confirm this, but my guess would be that Matt's project is commercial and funded by JD. If, on the other hand, they are producing an independent (i.e., unsponsored) documentary about American Whiskey, I can tell them from experience how limited the market is for such a product. I've done okay because my project was sponsored/subsidized by the Kentucky Distillers Association and by a small grant from Kentucky Educational Television. If I had had to fund it based on sales I would have lost my shirt. Of course, no two shows are the same and maybe they have a more marketable concept. In fairness, although everyone is right to point out that JD is not bourbon and the bourbon homeland is Kentucky, not Tennessee, the fact remains that JD is the number one selling American whiskey.

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    Re: Good Bourbon Bars in Tennesse?

    The great state of Tennessee welcomes you Matt! But I must agree with the forum folks here. Bardstown, KY is the place to be.

    Albeit the trip to Lynchburg should be a pleasant one, you'll find the Jack Daniel's people adamant in describing their product as a Tennessee whiskey. Any questions about bourbon may get them to discuss the differences between it and Tenn. whiskey but they may point you south if you ask for directions to Bardstown!




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