Hello all and apologies for being long-winded. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks, researching and enjoying my time learning about bourbon whiskey. Message boards like this one are awesome. I'm continually blown away by the people on message boards and/or forums like this one.

Unfortunately, my past experience drinking whiskey is tinged with bad mojo/memories stemming from foolish ignorance, both in what I bought and how I drank it. To the best of my knowledge it was McCormick's, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels No. 7 (straight from the bottle or slamming down shots) but it's been many, many years ago thankfully. By the Grace of God I didn't get hurt or hurt anyone else. Those reckless days are well behind me.

That was then, this is now.

As I get older (I'm 35 now), I'm learning the importance of doing some research and listening to you gentleman that have a great deal of experience and I thank you for sharing. More than anything, I've learned recently to appreciate and try to refine my tastes toward bourbon whiskey and other spirits in general, rather than just see it as a means to an end...getting drunk. Bad way to go through life in my honest opinion.

I now only do a little pour, nose and sip bourbon neat with a little water and enjoy experimenting and recording my thoughts, trying to be more thoughtful with the experience. I always have a tall glass of water before, throughout and after sipping bourbon right now. Slowing down, taking my time is really making me appreciate this fine spirit more and more and is certainly curtailing horrible hangovers and getting sloppy drunk; two things I'm not interested in doing any longer.

I've savored and enjoyed from the below list recently:

Old Grand Dad 86 proof
Evan Williams Black Label
Old Forester
Very Old Barton 6 yr old
Buffalo Trace
Old Fitzgerald BIB

I've compiled a list and can't wait to find them here locally, or hopefully across the Ohio River into Henderson, KY. I have some family by marriage in Bardstown, KY. and more family from Kentucky on my mother's side. Going to be trying to make that Bourbon Trail tour sometime this year.

Here are some bourbons/ryes I can't wait to try. I got the list stored in my Blackberry:

Ancient Ancient Age 10 year old (hopefully I can find this in Henderson, KY)
Old Fitzgerald 1849
Evan Williams 1783 small batch
Old Forester Signature
Old Grand Dad BIB
OGD 114
Heaven Hill BIB (Rite Aid in Henderson, KY)
W.L. Weller Special Reserve 7 or 12 year old
Old Weller Antique 107
Elijah Craig 12 yr old
Rebel Yell
Old Ezra 7 yr old
Regular Eagle rare
Old Crow Reserve
Western Gold straight

Rittenhouse Rye BIB
Old Overholt Straight

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself, share what I've been enjoying and what I'm looking forward to having over the coming years. Apologies for being long winded. I doubt I'll post much but wanted to introduce myself. Looking forward to the journey fellows.

Take care and God bless,