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    Newbie from UK - Help me decide on my next few bottles

    Hi would like some thoughts to help steer me in the right direction before my next purchase. I'm new to bourbon and now have a passion or family call it an obsession. I currently enjoy drinking it with 1 ice cube(not got to neat level yet)

    My 1st Bourbon purchases was Bulleit, Buffalo Trace, Four roses small batch and woodford reserve(my favourite so far). Well I'm now down to the last few pours and need to decide what to get next.

    My thoughts so far are eagle rare 10 yr (£30),Evan Willians 1993 (£28) Elmer T Lee - Single Barrel(£30),Elijah Craig 12(£26),Knob Creek(£27), I Have opportunity to buy a pvw23 for £160 but I don't think I'm there yet and might be wasted on me now.

    Any thoughts on what I should try would be great even if I have missed a few.
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