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    Re: A New Domestic Beer Leader - Yuengling

    Quote Originally Posted by StraightBoston View Post
    I think you'll be waiting a long time for national distribution of Yuengling!

    I had some last week traveling though DC -- a big step up from the adjunct brews and not as "craft-y" (i.e. hoppy) as Sam's.

    Not sure what the closest regional equivalent would be in CA. When I lived there some 20 years ago, probably Henry Weinhard's, but I recall it being only a minor step up from the Buds of the era.
    Weinhards brings back memories of drinking beer with my grandpa when I was a little kid and then buying it by the case in college as an alternative to Bud/Miller/Coors and whatever swill was in the keg. I pick up a six pack every couple years to reminisce.

    Good to hear there's Yuengling in DC. I'll be out their in April.

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    Re: A New Domestic Beer Leader - Yuengling

    While I don't see much to the novelty of yuengling lager or light lager, I love the black and tan and cheers to Yuengling for pricing it the same as the lager. I bought some Yuengling Bock the other day and like it too. It is seasonal and back on the market after a 40 year absence according to their website. One of these days, when time permits, I am going to Sharon, Pa. to fetch the other 3 versions of Yuengling that aren't available here yet. I don't mind trying their products, they are doing the right thing!


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    Re: A New Domestic Beer Leader - Yuengling

    Quote Originally Posted by rocky480 View Post
    Either the pricing you get on Sam Adams is really good or the pricing you get on Yuengling is really bad.

    At the local grocery store last night, the pricing for the same packages sizes was as follows:

    Sam Adams Boston Lager 6-pack $9.49
    Sam Adams Boston Lager 12-pack $16.89

    Yuengling Original Amber Lager 6-pack bottles $5.99
    Yuengling Original Amber Lager 12-pack bottles $9.99

    Given how competitive the beer industry is, I suspect this is more likely to be representative of the price differential between the two products in most retail chains.
    I'm pretty sure I have everyone beat, Utah DABC charges $1.85/bottle of any Sam Adams, so I'm looking at $11.10/6pk or $22.20/12pk. I only buy a single bottle of the seasonals that are exceptionally good.

    As far as Yuengling, I was initially very under-whelmed on first taste after hearing so much about it and how people travel to other states just to get it. Then it grew on me and I have to call it one of the the best values on the market today. Too bad I moved out of Ohio just before regular distribution expanded there!

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    Re: A New Domestic Beer Leader - Yuengling

    I used to drink Yuengling Lager quite a bit until about 5 years ago. I started getting bad batches quite often from numerous retailers. After having this happen a few dozen times, now all I buy is their Lord Chesterfield, which has always been my favorite of the Yuengling line-up.



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